Saturday, November 27, 2010

Glee Fashion ID - Carole Hudson's Wedding Dress

I've watched the wedding scene so many times, I think I may need an intervention.

Fashion first.

Did you love Romy Rosemont (as Carole Hudson)'s wedding dress?

It can be yours...
Patricia Nevil, Head Designer with bridal and formal fashion house L'ezu, has recently collaborated with Lou Eyrich, Emmy-award winning wardrobe designer for Popular Fox Network TV show “Glee”, to create a wedding gown for cast member Romy Rosemont...

The gown to be worn by Ms. Rosemont’s character is made out of Italian silk in a diamond color that flatters the actress’ complexion. The pleating is diagonal, elongating her figure and enhancing the waist line. Another feature of the dress is a shrug made out of French cotton lace embellished with clear and white beagle beads.

Bustles from the side create a sophisticated line and a modern touch to the dress’s already trendy mermaid silhouette. This dress has a value of $4,000.00 and will be fully manufactured in the U.S.

Source -

Beagle beads? Did they mean bugle beads? I kind of hope the dress is covered in dog-shaped beads...

Now. The wedding scenes.

This episode felt like the first 13 episodes came home from their first semester at college. Mom doesn't want you to go back. Stay here. I'll buy you a car.

I bawled. Bawled in that ugly-faced way people bawl when they're caught up in a moment made of nothing but raw emotion.

Mike O'Malley and Romy Rosemont - I adore you.

Oh, Kurt. Chris Colfer should win an Emmy and a Golden Globe for his performances this season. In fact, awards need to be invented just for him.

I'm not sure why the writers and producers of Glee still think gimmicks like episodes written around fancy guest stars and themed episodes are necessary. We love Glee when it's just like this. Guest stars and issues are woven into the tapestry of the show seamlessly, and we're swept away by the characters and the story.

Finn's speech and invitation to dance was more powerful than any "very special" episode they could have written. Just look at Kurt's face.

Isn't this why we fell in love with Glee from the start? Glee is at its best when it gives voice to every non-conventional kid, and places the conventional kids in a new context. Cue: reception scene.

The power of this moment is undeniable. Tom and Lorenzo said it best in their review of "Furt."
See, when Kurt got a Prince Charming to sing a love song to him, thereby shattering a musical convention going back centuries, we argued that it was an awesomely powerful moment with importance that might have slipped past the straights in the audience. Our argument was that every teenager wants to see their romantic fantasies validated in some way by the media from which they take their social cues and having this romantic fantasy normalized and portrayed on network television was a watershed moment likely to save some lives (no joke).

In a way, this was equally as powerful as having a gay teen sing a love song to another gay teen. In this case, it sent the message to both gay kids and straight kids, that this is the world someone wants for them. Whether or not it will ever come true, someone out there wants you to live in a world of total love and acceptance. It may never happen, but the dream of it is powerful and again, we can't imagine what it would have been like for us, for countless other people who grew up gay, to have someone offer us that dream when we were young. Cheesey? Unapologetically. Preachy? You're damn right, especially since no one else on TV is preaching this particular sermon in this manner. But put yourselves in the shoes of those kids who think the entire world is against them. A moment like the above is no less powerful.
(Read the entire review. Spot on, as always.)

Add to that the image of a loving father dancing with his son at his wedding, and you've got a powerful message about what it means to be a parent thrown into the mix. All within a couple minutes of a Bruno Mars song.

That is the Glee I love.


Liz H. said...

I couldn't agree with you more. From the dress to the Kurt/Finn dance. Tom and Lorenzo always have it right. I loved this episode so much, and I would gladly chip in for that car to keep them.

Tea said...

Me too ... well said :)

Berni said...

Me three! :) This episode was really beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Me four!!! Best. Episode. Ever.

Danielle said...

Oh my gosh YES. Kurt's storyline this season is the way to handle plot and character development. So glad to see Glee get it right!

Emily said...

I'm with the others--LOVED this scene and episode. I must ask, however (and given that this is an Emma site, I feel safe here), how hard would it have been to stick Emma in the audience? I mean, wasn't Emma one of only two adults who came to the hospital with Kurt when his dad had a heart attack? Hasn't Emma been there for Finn? Come on!

JennyB said...

I so agree. Love your thoughts.

Cláudia said...

one of the best episodes, the wedding scenes made me cry :')

Megan said...

I agree with Emily. This Emma hiatus has gone on for too long! What's going on??!?

Still, I loved the episode.

Celeste said...

Love love love! I love Bruno Mars! LOVED it all!

Stephanie said...

I loved this episode! It might possibly be my favorite episode from this season so far.

Mrs M said...

Great post Danielle, I completely agree with everything you've said here. I love this episode so much.