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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID - Sexy

Emma Pillsbury's outfits from "Sexy:"

Emma's metallic floral dress and pink cardigan:

Kate Spade Josie Metallic Floral Jacquard Dress - no longer available
J. Crew Jackie Cardigan in Neon Azalea - $62
J.Crew Spencer Crackle Mary Jane Pumps - no longer available

Emma's pink floral cardigan and bee brooch:

Anthropologie Beribboned Buds Cardigan - no longer available

And check it out - new shoes and skirt!

Emma's sailboat cardigan, bow blouse, and blue pencil skirt:

Milly Sailboat Print Cardigan - $295
J.Crew Double Serge Pencil Skirt - $88 (also in petite) (blue no longer available)
H&M Bow Blouse - no longer available

The perfect outfit for one of the most perfect Pillsbury moments on Glee:

You FIX that bow, Pillsbury. Fix. It.

Emma's blue and red polka dot jacket:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Polka Dot Jacket - no longer available
H&M Bow Blouse - no longer available
J. Crew Double Serge Pencil Skirt - $88 (also in petite) (red no longer available)
Dolce & Gabbana Angie Pumps - no longer available

Emma's blue cardigan with bow and flower brooch:

Kate Spade Michaeline Cardigan - $225 (in black and red)

Love the combination of her wide coral belt and white skirt with this cardigan:

And don't worry. I didn't forget the Afternoon Delight look. It's coming...
For the rest of tonight's Glee fashion, be sure to visit The Possessionista!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID Sneak Preview - Sexy

Coming up in the next episode...

Anthropologie Beribboned Buds Cardigan - no longer available

Milly Sailboat-Print Cardigan - $295 (also in light blue blouse and dark blue blouse)
J. Crew Double Serge Pencil Skirt - no longer available

Milly cardigan in this colorway:

New clothes, yay!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Glee Fashion ID - Rachel's Plaid Skirt and Poodle Sweater

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Emma Pillsbury fangirling to say:

WEHELLLLLL, OBVIOUSLY Lou Eyrich really does need to hire me. Check out this promo picture from the upcoming episode "Never Been Kissed."

What's that you're wearing, Rachel?

The Millypalooza Sasha Poodle Sweater and Check Ribbon Mini that I thought would be perfect together? Why, yes. It is.

/end smug

Hat tip to Rachel at Gleehab for reminding me to check my FOX publicity photos more often! Visit her site for more stills from this episode!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID - Glee Fashion at Macy's

So I found out that Macy's at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles had a display of clothes actually worn by the cast of Glee, and because I love wwepw SO MUCH I drove down to see what they had for Emma, and lo and behold, LOOK WHAT IT WAS:


I stood against the window in awe, it was Green Milly in all its green glory!

That's me and the ensemble that was so brutally denied the WWEPW Ultimate Outfit Crown!

I actually went on a wild goose chase to find this. My sister was dragged along because I lied about why we needed to be there. When she discovered it was to see a mannequin, boy did I get an earful. But it was all worth it, just to see this in person!

And here's Will's display! If I had arranged these bald mannequins, I'd have had them embracing inappropriately. But that's just me.

If you're near the Beverly Center anytime soon, be sure to have a look!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fashion ID - Bad Reputation

Okay, folks! Since I get a lot of emails on Tuesday nights requesting IDs of Emma's clothes, I'm going to post a Fashion ID after each episode. Tomorrow I'll start posting my usual screencaps with commentary, but let's make sure everyone's need for fashion is satisfied first!

Anthropologie Field Flower Felted Lei Cardigan - $130
(No longer in stock but three are available on eBay right now!)

Crewnecks & Scoopnecks by Milly at ShopStyle
Milly Striped Jersey Button Detail Top - $175

Forever 21 Eiffel Tower Cardigan - $26
No longer in stock in the US or Canada
(The fabulous Jen from The Look 4 Less called this cardigan back in early March, when the leaked photo of Emma in the Silhouette Sweater cardi appeared! Woo, Jen!)

Be sure to check my friend Dana's site Possessionista frequently Glee fashion looks, including Lea Michele (Rachel Berry)'s owl sweater (by Kate Spade) from tonight's episode!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID Sneak Preview - Bad Reputation

Our beloved Emma wasn't in this week's episode, but we can look forward to seeing her in next week's "Bad Reputation!"

"Will, you ignorant slut."

"Well, isn't that special?"

"Would you like to touch my monkey?"


With her red pencil skirt, Emma wears this sweater:

Crewnecks & Scoopnecks by Milly at ShopStyle

Milly striped jersey button detail top - $175

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID - Updates

An awesome reader who goes by "zyzzyva" alerted me to this site recently:

Coolspotters - Jayma Mays and Glee

She's been adding items to the Jayma Mays page for some time, and all I can say is WOW! There were so many items on this page that I'd been looking for but couldn't find. A big thank you to "zyzzyva!"

Here are some of the fabulous finds...

From the Pilot:

J.Crew Glass Bead Ladybug Necklace

J.Crew Double Serge Cotton Pencil Skirt

J.Crew Scattered Gold-Rimmed Bauble Necklace

J.Crew Penelope Mary Jane Pumps

L.A.M.B. Draped Collar Blazer

Banana Republic Silk Tie-Neck Blouse

From Showmance:

J.Crew Primrose Garden Necklace

Milly White Collar Henley

Juicy Couture Fruity Print Silk A-Line Skirt

From Acafellas:

J.Crew Silk Tie-Neck Tank

J.Crew Featherweight Cotton V-Neck Cardigan

From Preggers:

J.Crew Glass Bead Ladybug Bracelet

From The Rhodes Not Taken:

J.Crew Cotton Cashmere Bouquet Cardigan

From Vitamin D:

Trampoline Skirt by Anna Sui for Anthropologie

Dusky Dolphin Blouse by Odille for Anthropologie

From Mash-Up:

Anthropologie Milky Beaded Coral Cluster Necklace

Of course, most of these items are no longer in stock in stores, but I have been able to find many of them on eBay and a few other online sites. Happy shopping, and thanks again to "zyzzyva!"

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID - Updates

While I'm preparing the looks from this week's episode, here's an update on some of Emma's looks, thanks to the fabulous (and most certainly stylish) readers of this blog.

Nicolle is totally on when it comes to Emma's style. She has helped me find both of these sweaters:

From Preggers:

Anthropologie Moth Leaf Petals Snap-Up Cardigan

From Mash-Up:

Milly Cashmere Cardigan

Nicolle also let me know that Milly makes the spring green sweater with the off-white buttons and collar from Showmance. (I suspect they might also make the periwinkle and cream sweater from the same episode, but I'm not positive.)

Another reader wrote to say that the Moth petals sweater is for sale on eBay right now (there are three of them! - two mediums and one small), and in my search for the Moth sweater, I found the blue Milly (size large) as well. A quick search for "Anthropologie Moth petals" and "Milly blue cardigan" will turn them up easily if you're interested!

Thanks again, Nicolle and everyone!